Lists to Consider When Picking for The Right Tree

If you have decided to have your own garden in your empty lot at home, then you need to think deeply first about the proper way to do the things. You can’t start by putting the trees or plants there and you would pour some water as it would not give you a good result and look to the property. You have to call the tree service companies for the tree removal Cranberry TWP old trees and make sure to give space to the path where you would walk there. At the same time, you need to think as well about the other things that you have there like the electrical wires and buried pipes under the ground for safety.

Of course, you don’t like this kind of bad and unexpected things to happen when the roots of the trees are getting bigger under the ground and you have pipes. The possible result of it would be some leakages to the pipes that may cause so much trouble as the plumber needs to dig in and replace or fix it. That would not only cause you some trouble but this could result in a lot of things like expenses that you need to pay and the time that you’ll waste. So, before you start making a garden for your property, it would be nice that you would have a good plan and try to ask for some advice from experts.

Here are some of the lists that you could try to consider and think about when you’re trying to get and choose the best trees and plants for the garden.


Others would have the purpose in their mind when they are choosing the trees that they want to plant to the garden or to the empty area in your property. There are some people that they want to have fruits as they could pick it fresh when it produces fruits and they could sell it as well in the future.


There are people who would pick the different kinds of trees but they would realize that it would be very hard for them to maintain the tree and care it. It could be that the tree is a bit sensitive to the amount of the water or the sunlight that it gets from the sun and pay more attention here.


If you have a limited space in your area, then you need to think of the size of the tree as you don’t want to cause this one some trouble. At the same time, too big and tall trees could cause problems to the electric wirings in the neighborhood and scary during the stormy weather.


Some plants are not going to grow well because of the weather conditon and they need to adapt the season as well that you have there.


Why a Dead Tree is a Hazardous?

We all know how important and helpful trees are, they provide us shelter, objects, beautiful sight, and food. But those are only the positive side of trees, there is a side of a tree that could potentially be a hazard. Those are the dead trees, trees that have life is not that hazardous but when its dead, it’s a completely different story. In this blog, we will talk about the dangers of a dead tree, and if you were to have a dead tree, we suggest you to call arborist Ottawa.

But before that, let us first know the characteristic and sign that you have a dead tree. The first thing that you will notice is the lack of leaves, that is one of the things that are an obvious. A brittle bark is also one of the characteristics of a dead tree. So, if you were to have a tree that has this characteristic then your tree is dead.

The Dangers of a Dead Tree

• Destruction of Property

Earlier we talked about how a dead can be brittle, well a brittle bark is really dangerous. When your tree has a brittle limb then there is a high chance of it falling. When it is falling, it can hit your roof, garage, and even your car, imagine how much damage it can have and the prize also. There is a chance of it falling in your neighbor’s house too, again the prize that will be held if that ever happens. So, be careful if you have a dead tree in your backyard or near your house.

• Injuries

Again, a dead tree has a property of being brittle and it being brittle makes it a hazard because it can fall. Other than it being a destruction of property, dead trees can be a result of injuries too. When the branch or bark falls, there is a possibility that you might get hit or worse someone else might get hit. And to add that, the prize of an injury might be high.

• Destruction of Electricity and Utility Lines

Since a dead tree can have a chance of falling, it is not surprising that it can damage utility lines and electricity too. When a tree hit a utility line or maybe an electricity pole, there would be a black out. And black out means that there won’t be any electricity for a while, and it could possibly be a problem if you need someone to call. The worst thing is when telephone lines are damage, you won’t be able to call 911 if there are accidents that are occurring in your area.

As you can see and as you can read, a dead tree is very dangerous, that’ why you need to remove it. It doesn’t just cost you injuries and damages but it can also cost you quite a penny. So, it is very important to remove it. We hope that this article helped you know more about why a dead tree is a hazard.